Cosmetic About Facial Sculpting Facial Sculpting is a technique that uses a safe micro-current electrical energy to stimulate and exercise all facial tissues through specifically designed facial probes, and Chinese Acupuncture methods. This treatment allows the facial tissues to strengthen.  During the treatment, blood circulation is increased and pores become tightened, which gives the skin a more refined and youthful appearance. After the first treatment almost everyone sees and feels a definite improvement.  Your results will become more dramatic as the treatments progress. On the average 10 to 15 treatments may be needed to achieve maximum benefit depending on age, skin condition and facial tone.  Typical results yield a 20% to 30% improvement.  A consultant will help you set goals, schedule your treatments, and recommend a maintenance program to help you keep that youthful look for years to come. Surgical face-lifts eliminate sagging skin, but the condition of the skin does not change.  The Non-Surgical Facial Sculpting Machine treatment will tone all the facial tissues and improve skin elasticity. Plastic surgery, chemical wraps, creams and lotions have been available for years, but most of them have drawbacks.  They’re expensive, or painful, or time consuming and often don’t last.  The Non-Surgical Facial Sculpting Machine treatment is safe, painless and so relaxing that people often fall asleep.  The Non Surgical Facial Sculpting Machine treatment will give that youthful look quickly, comfortably, and a very affordable price. Women and men of all ages can benefit from the energetic powers of the Non Surgical Facial Sculpting Machine.  It helps your people maintain their youthful appearance longer and older people to regain their youthful appearance.   Contraindications Pregnant women, nursing or lactating women should consult their physician before beginning the Beautiful Image Non Surgical Facial Sculpting treatments. Clients who have experienced any of the following during the previous twelve (12) months should consult their physician before beginning the treatments: Silicon Injections, Collagen Injections, Pacemaker, Implants, Heart Condition, Epilepsy, Psychiatric Illness, Nervous Disorder, Thrombosis, Phlebitis, Cancer, and/or Herpes Breakout   DISCLAIMER All products and services, written information in newsletters, labels, brochures, flyers and so on; information provided on audio and video cassettes, and by telephone verbally; or in any other medium of communication has not been evaluated by the Food Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment.  All equipment, product and information regarding them are considered to be functionally effective for the body as a whole to increase the over-all health of those who use or take them.  The following is a discussion about functional benefits and the information that is used to support their use. Beautiful Image L.L. C. products and equipment are based on functional healing properties only to bolster and balance the health of the body in the most general sense.  However, these recommendations are absolutely not intended to replace personalized healthcare with the appropriate licensed healthcare practitioner.  In fact, Beautiful Image L.L. C. recommends that everyone consult with the appropriate licensed healthcare practitioner concerning all health issues to make the best decisions possible.  The information regarding the functional properties of the natural supplements, other products and services are based on a combination of scientific studies, clinical observations and theory that require ongoing quantification to establish higher and higher levels of scientific validation. None of the products or methods made available directly affect or are intended to directly affect a disease and no claims are made to this effect.